At Top Ten Percent, we recognize the importance of our partnerships and realize that we always have two clients that we serve – our Business Members and our Consumer Members.

It is our obligation to provide our Business Members with a results-oriented, recognition and marketing program to assist them in achieving their most ambitious sales goals.

We are equally committed to providing a world-class service to our Consumer Members that allows for convenient access to discounts and savings from companies who are rated best-in-their-class.

Top Ten Percent® Mission Statement

Jerry L. Clum, Jr.
Founder and CEO

We vow to always perform these obligations with genuine enthusiasm and the highest level of professionalism, while giving the world the ability to, “Buy From The Best For Less!”™

TTP Franchising, Inc. Franchised Headquarters Mission Statement

Our mission can best be represented by a three-legged stool. If any of the legs are neglected or go missing, the stool will not stand.

The first leg represents our employees, representatives and franchisees to whom we have committed to always keep as our top priority and to maintain a rewarding environment in which we can accomplish our mission.

The second leg represents our Business Members to whom we have committed to providing a results-oriented, recognition program that pays tribute to their hard work and to assist in growing their visibility, profitability and reliability of their companies through the use of our digital marketing programs.

The third leg represents our Consumer Members to whom we have committed to giving access to the products and services of the top rated businesses in the area and the ability to “Buy From The Best For Less” ™ through the use of our Virtual On-Command Coupon service.

The stool in its entirety represents our dedication and commitment to become one of the leading companies in the cutting edge field of digital and mobile marketing that is destined to become the primary form of marketing in the world.